A few months ago, the Supreme Court continued to play Whack-A-Mole with the Biden administrationon's efforts to give control over US family farms to the EPA - under the guise of a Waters of the United States Act they expanded without a vote, and then the Clean Water Act, and then using an interpretation of the Endangered Species Act.

Eventually they may be forced to fall back on the CDC and say control over puddles in rural areas is needed due to Covid-19 Variant Seti Alpha V, or whatever we'll get before the election in November of 2024. 

It has been dismissed as an illegal power grab every time Democrats have tried this using 'Chevron Deference' - a 1984 Supreme Court ruling by a bench even more partisan than this one which said federal agencies could create regulations that act as laws without needing Congress. If it was in their mandate. 

So aggressive administrations simply changed the mandate of agencies and political appointees could do anything they wanted. 

No problem, as long as both can do it. The issue is when an administration hates science, or wants to create an 'icy chill' among farmers. Who just happen to vote Republican. 
Despite it being in court, the Biden administration administration began to send armed federal officers onto private land. 

Using armed officers to terrify farmers must delight corporate journalists because they've engaged in a lot of framing of this. NPR is declaring federal wetlands are suddenly 'endangered.' By a Supreme Court ruling against a regulation that was never enacted. 

Our water is just as clean and wetlands are just as protected as they were six months ago, four years ago, and even 2001. 

But if your allies are the ones trying to oppress people, it seems to be okay. It's only if Republicans do it that there are objections.