Activists in the Baby Boomer and Generation X demographic promote a narrative that guns are a big worry for youth, and climate change will kill them unless everyone gets solar, but it is only resonating with people in their tribe.

Gen Z has been raised in an information age, they know that outside suicide and criminal activity, gun deaths are so rare that it's only slightly more concerning than dying due to a tornado. And they like their phones too much to endure the persistent black- and brown-outs that countries which relied too heavily on solar endure now.

What they are really worried about is something more personal; cyber-bullying. At a time when progressives want to censor media they don't like in countries such as Canada (Prime Minister Justin 'if you don't like me you're a racist' Trudeau) and the US (70 percent of the Democratic party, nearly double Republicans), young people instead worry that government fifth columnists or hackers outside will leak their personal health information, or anything else about them, and try to incite anger with family (54%), cyber-bullying (36%) and physical harm (34%).

There is precedent. The Obama administration handed over the home addresses for 80,000 farm employees to an eco-terrorist group, then when they were caught obeying a FOIA that was illegal under every federal law, they simply asked for the information back. And their allies in journalism declared that good enough.

I am with young people on distrusting centralized social authoritarians.