New York makes a big show of banning natural gas and nuclear energy while preventing brownouts across Manhattan by buying natural gas from neighboring Pennsylvania.

President Biden's EPA recently decided that not only should New York be allowed hypocrisy about the sources of its that even Russia-addicted Germany thought was laughable, he wanted Democratic states to be able to sue Republican ones for the emissions created by selling energy to the wealthy elites nearby. So California could sue Idaho and even states as far away as Utah because those states keep Governor Newsom from being the target of a recall vote yet again by selling energy - all the state would have to do is claim PM2.5 "virtual" pollution is wafting over the Sierra Nevadas.

The same Supreme Court that just handed the Biden administration the constitutional right to censor free speech but letting states sue other states and ironically calling it a "Good Neighbor" is as ridiculous as claiming a man-made pond on a farm was a "navigable water of the United States" which warranted federal marshalls with assault weapons invading private property to check for pollution.

For those who don't know it yet, tune into the debate tonight and you will see President Biden is not some Machievellian puppet master opposed to affordable food and energy sending out orders to penalize states that won't vote for him, it is instead that the person he appointed to run EPA is a reckless zealot. Michael Regan is a generational bureaucrat who has never worked in the real world and so will never see the impact of his war on food and energy. Government employees get raises no matter what happens to the economy.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan

The Supreme Court, despite claims it is 'conservative' because it believes the Constitution is real, does think about the actual world. They found that the Biden EPA acted capriciously - yet again, unless you think the CDC should be legally able to implement nationwide rent control - and arbitrarily. So it is not law and they need to stop enforcing it, which they uncomfortably begin to do every time they pass a new regulation.

The real problem is that a far-left Supreme Court relic of the 1970s and '80s found that if an agency controlled by the President made a regulation, it could act as a law without needing Congress. As long as it was in the mandate of the agency. Presidents Clinton and Obama were the worst about 'broadening the mandate' of agencies so they could go around Congress more, but President Biden in three short years has been worse than both of his predecessors in their eight. What the Supreme Court really needs to do is revisit "Chevron deference" and place a Constitutional limit on the Executive branch. Forty years of anti-science fundamentalism using political appointees is enough.