On Slate, Rich Juzwiak recounts a situation where a man with a persistent depressive disorder who had sex with a transgender guy said the transgender man worried about sexual transference of gut microbes and transmittal of depression thereof.

Well, it's on YouTube and that has authority to a lot of people, and it involves gut microbes and claims of studies in mice, both of which are so abused by (a) unethical researchers and (b) hucksters selling fancy supplements it's hard for the public to know what to trust.

It's good that the reader asked, of course, it gives people a chance to debunk claims that depression is a function of gut microbes and that can be transferred during sex, but you have to wonder why we are losing the war for reason in even the world's most scientifically literate country.

This won't help with depression or sexually transmitted diseases or anything else except losing weight - as in your wallet.