Spring 2010 Writing Contest.

The Winners!

Grand Prize: The New Science of Love and Attraction
By Sena Koleva.

Second Place: How Obese Yellow Mice are Changing the Nature/Nurture Debate
By Marc Dingman.

Third Place: GMOs Could Render Important Antibiotics Worthless
By Anastasia Bodnar.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, whether you wrote for us or just voted!

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Node Preview Image.The New Science of Love and Attraction

If you ever wanted to shine at a dinner party you could do worse than to bring up the scientific...

Node Preview Image.What Would Cast Doubt On Evolution? Spontaneous Generation

Advocates of Intelligent Design (ID) creationism like to play Stump the Scientist by asking evolutionary...

Node Preview Image.How Obese Yellow Mice are Changing the Nature/Nurture Debate

Even those who pay little attention to the vicissitudes of scientific opinion are probably aware...

Node Preview Image.Interface: Opening the Mind to an Open Brain

Ever since the gap between neural and silicon circuits was bridged through a common electrical...

Node Preview Image.Tracing the Environment’s Fingerprints on Daphnia Genes

Many diseases and chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, asthma and birth defects can be...

Node Preview Image.Adam Poisoned By Estrogen, Not Forbidden Apple

Glancing at a woman without a ring, but with a nice smile and a nice figure, Adam stood next to...