What if everyone ate an American diet?

Well, it would mean the developing world finally has parity with the developed world, which has been the entire goal of progressive culture. But now that it is achievable, progressive doomsday prophets who have taken over an alarming chunk of the environmental movement (and there are hundreds of these sites, all of them making money and paying people) are saying that we need to go back in time, when only rich elites had a healthy normal diet and everyone else ate rich or bread or whatever.

Why? Americans eat meat and dairy and that is bad because...vegetarians. A blogger at One Green Planet then goes on to rehash every "embedded" myth, from virtual water to that it takes a gallon of gas to make a pound of beef to that animal species are disappearing because of climate change. In the science world, it is known that it doesn't take 140 liters of water to make a cup of coffee, that it is not worse for the environment to walk to the store rather than drive if you eat meat, and that we don't even know of 99.99999999% of all species that have ever even existed, so claiming climate change of 2100 is killing them off already sells to the target market that environmental law PR firms are selling to in order to keep their foundation money rolling in, but it doesn't work with the educated public.

At least they didn't name their article "Requiem" or "Dirge" or the kind of thing we usually see.