It's no secret I love Acts of Kindness - a friend of mine first told me about it because he is an investor and I agreed the concept is terrific; encourage people to do more Acts of Kindness by having them log it. I was in LA a short while ago and met with one of the co-founders and their enthusiasm is contagious (see Acts Of Kindness, Eddie Money And Karma for the story on that).

Logs work; we all know that.  The easiest way to lose weight is to accurately log what you eat and make a game of it.  AOK does that as well; gaming for social good, a new kind of kind, whatever sort of tagline you want.  

Here's their latest superhero team-up:
AOK has teamed with Lee Hirsch’s The Bully Project to shed light on the real world experience of bullying and being bullied. Nearly 160,000 kids and teens stay home from school every day to avoid being bullied. Every AOK you submit to the *bullydialogue earns points which are donated to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Join the *bullydialogue with AOK!
I don't know many statistics on bullying but I know bullying violates my 'no assholes' policy so people caught doing it around me had better be a lot bigger and a lot meaner than me if they want to get away with it. Still, it is always better to cultural make bullying a no-no and hopefully this can go a long way toward that goal.

Me on AOK if you sign up also.