Boxee, the television watching device that looks like someone broke a cube and left it on your table, is available for pre-order at Amazon.

Years ago we were told mobile devices would replace computers and TV.  Turns out some televisions would like to replace computers too.  Boxee claims it will have some 50,000 programs available to watch, though how many are free (and worth watching - how much can you take?) versus pay is unknown.

The device ships in November and costs $199 but it's a one-time free.   Hey, I paid 3 times that for a Replay many years ago and I still have it - and it's still better than TiVo.

From the description:

Never be limited by what you can watch and when – the Boxee Box makes it easy to choose the TV shows you want to watch, and most importantly, the ones you want to pay for. And with over 40,000 TV episodes from your favorite networks instantly available - that’s a lot to choose from. The Office, Family Guy, Entourage, True Blood - If we can’t find it for free, the Boxee Box will connect you with premium options who can, instantly. Get tons of free stuff, and never pay for the stuff you don’t want to watch. Easy.

It's 1080p, when available, so that is good, but that becomes a bandwidth issue that will need to be resolved.

If you just can't wait and want to try it now, register at Boxee and give it a run on your PC, then just switch over to your TV after you receive the box.   Of course, if you're like me and already have a small PC hooked up to your TV with a small wireless trackball keyboard, you may just save $200.

Miss Lost?  You won't need cable when quality fare like 'Time Traveling Lesbians' is available on the Internet, thanks to Boxee