In 2008, during the economic glory days of the Bush years, Californians did a number of crazy things - spending $3 billion for human embryonic stem cell research, which no corporation thought was even close to being ready - comes to mind. And they bought into an animal 'liberation' agenda, which had been talking about the minimum size of cages and passed Proposition 2, which mandated the size of chicken cages.

Cost was no object - except now, with $500 billion in unfunded liabilities, $400 million in costs with no benefit in a state already considered hostile to business, science and agriculture is probably money they wish they could have back.

But by January of 2015, virtually every commercial cage is going to need to be replaced. That is going to increase the plight of those in the lowest income levels, to whom 20% higher costs for eggs is meaningful, but animal activists have long loved animals more than the poor.

Lawmakers knew this so they have been trying to force egg distributors from out of state to do the exact same thing.

Rule Of Law: An Eggs-traordinary Tale Of Economic Reasoning - by Jessica Medeiros-Garrison, Daily Caller