How would you do homework at night if you don't have electricity? 

As much as one fifth of the world may not have regular access to electricity but 16-year-old Ann Makosinski of Victoria, Canada may have helped solve part of the problem; she created a flashlight that is powered solely from hand heat.

Using peltier tiles, which produce an electrical current when opposite sides are heated and cooled at the same time, she fashioned a light source that doesn’t use batteries, solar power or wind energy and entered it in the local science fair. It  looks like a hollow aluminum tube and its core cools the sides of the peltier tiles attached to the flashlight’s cylinder while the other side is warmed by heat from a hand gripping the flashlight. As long as you hold it, it stays lit

How smart must those kids in Victoria be? She only took second place in the competition.

Ann Makosinski thermoelectric flashlight. Credit: Yahoo

Teen Invents Flashlight That Could Change The World By Andrew Lampard, Yahoo