Two gray literature studies (translation: good enough for the IPCC, but Science 2.0 should be skeptical until they are peer-reviewed) have different answers on how fast the planet is warming. The first,  from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project run by physicist Richard Muller, agrees with earlier findings about the pace of global warming, while the second, by Anthony Watts and colleagues, argues that half of the recent warming in the U.S. is artificial.

Ron Bailey at Reason dissects how science illiterates in the media (Joe Romm of ClimateProgress on the left, Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart on the right) go berserk in their sanctimonious claims about what it all means, which Bailey Frankensteins into a simultaneous "crushed bombshell."

Well, which is it?

A little of both, really. Because climate models are about calibration. Basically, how well positioned and how accurate are your thermometers?  

Check out his analysis and see if any of the methods make you feel confident.

Everyone Freaks Out About Two New Climate Change Studies by Ron Bailey,