Conservatives and more taxes are kind of an oxymoron in the same sentence but pretend for a minute that more taxes are going to happen.   Because they are.  Do you want a bad one or a really terrible one?

America has been trying to get a really terrible one but even President Obama couldn't pull that one off - he gave us terrible health care law instead.  But he had limits even on what he could do with a bulletproof majority.  When it came to higher taxes in the form of cap and trade for emissions, his own party's Senators were airing commercials shooting the bill with an assault rifle.

Cap-and-trade is not a tax, we hear time and again - California has passed its own law and is already spending the $1 billion in pretend money it will supposedly generate, but generate from where?  Oh, right, California taxpayers.

That's a tax folks, but it is even worse than a tax.  It is yet another layer of bureaucracy to implement a system that we already know does not work. But what might work, and will support the goals of both parties, is a carbon tax.
Compromise always makes everyone a little unhappy, but in this case, it would serve the greater good in terms of promoting sound energy and economic policies. If the environment is truly important to Democrats, they should be willing to tolerate natural gas and nuclear power. If energy independence is important to Republicans, they should be willing to tolerate a small corrective tax.
Why Everyone Should Love a Carbon Tax By Alex B. Berezow&Hank Campbell, RealClearScience