Political conservatism is associated with greater attention regulation and task persistence versus liberalism - and that is due to  greater belief in free choice and individualism than liberals, finds a new paper in PNAS. 

This makes sense, it is also why conservatives give more to charity - a belief in big government means people will do something until they are forced to stop by legislative (or, in modern times, judicial) fiat. 

But don't get too worried if you skew left and think you will get fat. This was done by psychologists and marketing scholars and if the social sciences and humanities aren't right about female hurricanes doing more damage due to sexism, they aren't right about this either. It also used the Stroop test, which is not quite in the Implicit Association Test range of made-up nonsense, but not science either. Unless you think how fast you solve anagrams determines your weight.

Citation: Joshua J. Clarkson, John R. Chambers, Edward R. Hirt, Ashley S. Otto, Frank R. Kardes, and Christopher Leone , The self-control consequences of political ideology, PNAS June 22, 2015, doi:10.1073/pnas.1503530112