In what the FBI called “economic sabotage”, genetically modified 6,000 sugar beets from two fields in Southern Oregon’s Jackson County were destroyed this month.

Such modern hysteria makes the quaint clueless charm of the hipsters portrayed in "Portlandia" seem like a hundred years ago. At least in some counties these people are militant now.  The FBI isn't disclosing how the fields were destroyed - they know environmentalists lack imagination but love to copycat each other.

Portlandia - when people want to eat chicken.

Jackson County is a hotbed of anti-science fundamentalism. They are voting next year on a law to ban GMOs and allow citizen lawsuits - including in cases where no harm has been done. It is basically the same 'sue them out of existence' attempt made by organic food and homeopathy companies with California's Proposition 37. The state legislature is likely going to prevent that from happening. 

Oregonians for Food and Shelter have offered a $10,000 reward for information about the Jackson County case but said it was the first instance of destruction of genetically engineered plants in the state.

Eco-terrorists in England turned public opinion away from the anti-GMO contingent. If it can happen in the home of Frankenfood hype, it can happen anywhere.