The Emotional Freedom Technique is a kind of psychotherapy, developed in the 90s, that draws on a variety of pseudoscientific bollocks, including accupressure, our old friend NLP (neurolinguistic programming), various kinds of laying-on-of-hands-type ‘energy’ therapies and a good dose of very confused neurobollocks.

Essentially, what happens in an EFT counselling session is that you discuss your problem, while stimulating the ‘end points of the body’s energy meridians’. This stimulation takes the form of tapping yourself; on the head, the face, wherever.

Neurobollocks has all the details, including this video (title not safe for work/kids, though).  They recommend skipping ahead 2 minutes to where Julie Schiffman, who works for anti-science alternative medicine crackpot Dr. Joseph Mercola (promoting the idea that GMOs cause autism and selling magic water), begins whacking herself in the face for no apparent reason: