We can only confuse science and environmentalism when science happens to match their cultural agenda - ethanol, for example, was lousy science and the anti-science positions embraced by environmentalists to combat pollution were firmly in the anti-science camp; biology and the energy sector have terrific solutions available right now but if 'stop CO2' is instead a cult-like mantra, they can't be part of the policy discourse.

Eco-activist and journalist Mark Lynas, famous for shoving a pie in the face of sane skeptic Bjorn Lomborg, has actually done some research and used an open mind and changed some of his positions - revolutionary!   Nuclear power?   Certainly part of the solution, he writes in his new book, The God Species: How the Planet Can Survive the Age of Humans.As is genetic modification, and more changes of heart and mind.

Lynas is still concerned about climate change, obviously.  Most people are.   He is just no longer a nut.   That's a win for science, for the future of policy and responsible stewardship of mother Earth.

An Environmentalist Joins the Reality-Based Community - Ronald Bailey, Reason