There is an obvious demographic thread that connects anti-science groups in food, in medicine, in research and pharmacy too, but most science media pundits are incapable of seeing it or flat out deny it.

Yet it is hard to deny.  Meanwhile, every science media outlet publishes articles claiming the entire Republican party must be anti-science because more of them deny global warming and slightly more Republicans than Democrats deny evolution.

The anti-biology movement among the left, Jon Entine notes, is "enabled by advocacy NGOs and campaigning journalists who, ironically, took the lead in debunking the pseudo-science of the right."

Entine specifically takes to task Tom Phillpott, blogger for Mother Jones, who was recruited from Grist and basically rewrites every press release from Greenpeace, Environmental Working Group or Union of Concerned Scientists, when they are on their anti-biology kick. Obviously, anti-food readers conflate partisan framing with serious journalism, it's one of the readers why science journalism is on its death bed.

He is not the only one, of course. When it comes to making the political connection among common science interests, the bulk of science media can only see one party's problem children.

Turning point from the French maize study: GM Opponents look like climate deniers by Jon Entine, Genetic Literacy Project