Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland has calved again. As always, it's a big 'un, this iceberg, about the size of Manhattan. 

Don't be too concerned.  It is not a global warming disaster scenario, this baby iceberg is about half the one that came off in 2010.  It happens about every year. That doesn't stop the Associated Press from getting hysterical.  They got Andreas Muenchow, Associate Professor from the University of Delaware to say, "It's dramatic. It's disturbing. We have data for 150 years and we see changes that we have not seen before."

Sure we have. And that's the problem.  It isn't that climate change is not a concern, but more and more people are skeptical of the impact and timescale because there is so much scare journalism happening.  If data from 100 years ago was used to dispute climate change, scientists in the field would be up in arms debunking it.  Yet we are supposed to take old pictures of the exact same spot showing changes to mean we are doomed.  

Credit: NASA. Link: BBC

This new one was half the size of the calving in 2010. What impact did that have?  None at all, it was already floating so made no difference in ocean levels.  

Iceberg breaks off from Greenland's Petermann Glacier - BBC