People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is happy to objectify live human women in order to protest eating dead animals, but they aren't going to win every time, even when it comes to claims about the happiness of cows. A judge has ruled that truth in advertising doesn't always extend to humorous ads - if it did, we'd lose all those spots showing that every white man in America is unable to use a cell phone or cook a meal without assistance from a teenager or a woman.

PETA first contended in a 2002 lawsuit against the California Milk Advisory Board that California cows were not happy at all, they were instead living in muddy, feces- and urine-soaked conditions; like every other cow in history. California cows were not producing some special happy cheese either, regardless of what those animated cows were claiming.

They lost, and then lost on appeal, and now have lost in the California Supreme Court - the California government is allowed to lie to consumers, PETA derides in their comments on the rulings.  Look, if your donors actually believe commercials about happy cows producing better cheese are 'lying', they are dumb enough to think naked celebrities know what they are talking about too. California is the best friend PETA has but, like criminals who rob their next door neighbor rather than going to a rich house, they do more harm than good attacking Californians , though PETA just doesn't get it.  If Even wacko California courts can't be on on your side, it makes people think all of your lawsuits are trite.
PETA said they were frustrated that the court did not look at all of the peer-reviewed evidence that happy cows do not produce better cheese.

They are considering another appeal. They can also object in the grounds that this commercial unfairly depicts cows as enjoying earthquakes: