Bill Nye "The Science Guy" of television fame, was approaching the podium to talk at USC and, in mid-sentence, dropped to the floor.

Did members of the audience rush to help?  No, they all pulled out their mobile phones to tweet to the world that Billy Nye The Science Guy just collapsed on the floor, apparently assuming someone else would actually help the guy.

USC is a school for rich kids so he eventually got some help but it could have been worse.  When humorist Anthony Barre was gunned down on a New Orleans street this week, witnesses took to the Internet to chronicle it in real time as opposed to trying to help.

Luckily for Science 2.0, I have a corporate insurance policy, so if I collapse giving a talk rest assured the site can run for the next 3,000 years regardless of my existence, thus it's okay to go ahead and run home from the talk where I collapsed so you can watch the video of me collapsing on YouTube.