It's time to end the federal porn subsidy.

You might be asking, What federal porn subsidy? Fair question. Technically, there isn't a federal porn subsidy. However, if we borrow some of the logic commonly used by politically driven economists discussing fossil fuels, we can redefine the word subsidy to mean whatever we want.

Fossil fuels do not actually get a subsidy either, at least not the way solar panels and wind do, instead they get a credit on taxes on profits from states and sometimes the Federal government in order to get an operation in a specific place. But fossil fuels have a "social cost", argue some economists, and because fossil fuel companies do not pay that cost they get a de facto subsidy. Porn also has a societal cost so...well, you get the idea.

Writing at Real Clear Science, Alex Berezow dissects the silliness. What he can't answer: Why the Nobel group has given a prize in this category for 50 years. It is clearly made-up nonsense.