Joe DiMaggio was a great player. He holds the record for hits in consecutive games (56) and he had only 8 more strikeouts than homeruns.  He also married Marilyn Monroe.  In his older days, he sold Mr. Coffee automatic drip machines on TV.

Now he is getting a coffee of his very own; Joltin' Joe, a carbonated espresso drink courtesy of AriZona, which is actually located in Long Island, NY.  Seriously, click on that link. Their site is programmed in Flash despite the fact that it pisses off 100% of people who visit sites programmed in Flash. It feels like 2004 all over again and runs as slow as you expect.

They call Joltin' Joe a 'light, all-natural drink that is perfect for a morning caffeine kick or late afternoon pick-me-up. Made with natural espresso coffee. Joltin' Joe has a clean, smooth taste followed by a subtle, bubbly effect.'

Whatever, it is named after Joe DiMaggio, one of few reasons to like the New York Yankees, so I will buy it.  Joltin' Joe has 80 mg of caffeine, so less than an 8 oz. cup of coffee, and is sweetened with RebA, derived from the stevia leaf, so it only has 50 calories. It debuts in New York this month (naturally) and they expect to roll it out nationally later.