"San Francisco doesn't realize that social legislation is like garlic," writes Meghan Daum at the LA Times. "Used sparingly, it can provide a useful kick to a dish, but overused and it makes people run away every time you open your mouth."

San Francisco lives for garlic on its fries so perhaps that explains its need to micro-manage every aspect of everyones' lives in the name of freedom and choice.   They want to ban circumcision, they want to ban Happy Meals and now goldfish.

Unless your citizens are complete morons, you should give them a little credit for not being so helpless.   Going after Big Goldfish is the latest in a long line of silly efforts that have made San Francisco look ridiculous and, by extension, all California.

When I visit other states, they are surprised to learn I am from California because I am so...normal.  I don't wear a t-shirt demanding America have forced abortion zones or want to outlaw any car that does not start with the letters P-R-I-U-S.  Even in California, people are guarded until I mention I live East of the 5 and then they give a sigh of relief.   San Francisco people, however, are so uptight even the name makes them uptight.   It used to be that people lived in Frisco and now residents bristle at the name - which makes me slip it in every time I am in Frisco, so I can get all Pavlov-ian and hear them correct me.  They need to be San Francisco, the way insufferable do-gooder busybodies need to appear serious.   Insufferable do-gooder busybodies used to be old biddies in church groups but now they are 100% of the cultural and government leadership in Frisco.

Baseball fans are still normal - pretty awesome, actually - but even football fans are a little odd these days.  They serve white wine spritzers at 49'ers games.  White wine spritzers.  Frisco culture has even gotten to them.

Meghan Daum at the LA Times has the smackdown.  You know when Los Angeles is making fun of you, you have gone too far.