The 1960s were a great decade - the 1960s that the '60s would become famous for (drugs, riots, protests) didn't really happen until the end and, as David Crosby replied when asked to disclose one thing people did not know about the '60s stated, "They happened in the '70s" - and its mystique has become even greater with the gentle misogyny and rampant chain smoking of "Mad Men".

But there was cool science too.  At Psypost, they write of a Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study that set out to find what we could learn about men from what they preferred in women - like the size of butts or boobs.  

Results?  Men who liked larger breasts had "a need for achievement” but were independent  while men who preferred smaller breasts were more likely to be upper middle class and more likely to be religious fundamentalists or depressed.

It's brilliant stuff, the kind of thing you can't get away with today because women scientists would go and screw it up by comparing men and stuff.   We can't allow that.

Give the whole thing a read.

H/T Bud Theisen Straightforward Films