Things sure have changed now that a Democrat is in power.  The New York Times, once proud to publish anything that might make Pres. George W. Bush look bad, has criticized WikiLeaks for publishing unredacted U.S. State Department cables, the kind of thing everyone there used to love printing.

The change has been coming for a while.  When the so-called ClimateGate scandal was happening, the New York Times also dismissed the content because it had been illegally obtained, just like every piece of WikiLeaks information.

WikiLeaks is run by a megalomaniacal maniac, of course, who is alarmingly similar to a mid-east tyrant in his ethics and treatment of others.  That his vanity caused him to release their entire 251,287-document collection of U.S. Embassy cables and then further delve into idiocy by claiming he released them because he had already released them shows how far over the cliff of insanity he has gone.

Media organizations condemn WikiLeaks' disclosure -