Colombian immigrant Carolina Salguero came to the U.S. as a teenager, alone and not knowing any English, but she did have a dream: to study science.

Yesterday, 28-year-old Salguero graduated from Hunter College with a double major in biochemistry and economics - and a full scholarship to Harvard awaits.  Salguero's parents sent her from Colombia to Miami - alone - at 16 and she spent eight years wandering and finally got the chance to pursue her science dream at age 24, when Hunter College gave her a science scholarship.  

Next up; six years at Harvard where she plans to earn two master's degrees and a doctorate in public health and molecular biology.

Carolina Salguero

Detractors will imply perhaps she got what she got because she was a latina immigrant, but she still had to do the work.  There is no Title IX in science and, if anything, scientists will be harder on people if they think they got an unfair advantage, so congratulations to Salguero for her achievement so far and we look forward to seeing great science in the future.