It's open access - for restaurant safety.

Restaurant inspections have always been somewhat arcane - a disclosure statement is stuck on a wall but, like those meaningless Proposition 65 statements we see here in California ('this dry cleaners won't give you cancer, but we have to show this sticker saying it might or we will get sued') no one reads them - plus, people are only going to see them after they are already at the restaurant.

If you care about food, more laws and more bans and more regulations are not helping you, but more transparency about the government already spending the money doing inspections will.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture does about 40,000 restaurant inspections per year - those are online. But they only do them when local communities don't have the resources to do their own inspections and some 60,000 other inspection results are not in one location. So a government is actually doing something to make the lives of citizens better and aggregating them all. 

Well done, Pennsylvania!

Pa. to put all restaurant inspections online - The Associated Press