You can guess the age of gently declining intellects by what Doomsday scenarios they embrace. 

In January, David Attenborough, an internationally renowned host of nature documentaries, revealed how disconnected he is from nature. Mankind, he recently warned, is a "plague on the earth." He said, "Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us."

He's not alone. In the late 1970s, US Science Czar Dr. John Holdren was making his whole career prognosticating doom and he advocated forced sterilization, mandatory abortion and a global government to carry out those policies - because he was still stuck in the Population Bomb mentality of the 1960s too.

It's that Malthusian fetish all over again.  This particular feel-good fallacy, used to advocate more social authoritarianism and to spur people to action on lots and lots of man-made disasters, is debunked in Science Left Behind.  

Writing in USA Today, my co-author (and new member of their Board of Contributors) Dr. Alex Berezow shows that not only is the population bomb not a problem to an extent where our so-called "moral responsibility" is which parts of humanity elites should choose to cull, but the moral imperative is instead how to encourage more births to stave off the looming population implosion.

The world population is not exploding out of control. In fact, it is slowing down by Alex Berezow, USA Today