Are you a New York City Science 2.0 readers?    If so, join American Museum of Natural History Curator Mike Shara of the Department of Astrophysics as he jumps 50 years into the future to a world where suborbital tourism is a popular holiday option, a research colony exists on the Moon, we’ve surveyed and possibly even docked with an asteroid, and ships have landed on the moons of Mars in preparation for an actual Mars landing, to list just a few exciting and attainable targets.

Of course, these advances assume the next president doesn't undo the space program of the current president the way the current president wiped out the space program of the last president (see Goodbye Constellation, Hello ... Baracket? for those gory details, but it's a good thing Kennedy hadn't been a Republican and Nixon a Democrat or there would have been no Apollo moon landing).

The after-hours event at AMNH is free admission with cash bar,  Wednesday, October 6th at 7PM,   Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth.    Enter at 81st Street/Rose Center.