Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of, you know, the party that cares more about the environment than Republicans, drove up to the Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada with a fleet of SUVs.

Now, we are going to hear the same excuses we heard when Al Gore arrived in Berkeley with a fleet of SUVs and pickups only to do his photo-op in a Prius a few years back - it's essential for security.    But to little people, that's how heads of government and CEOs who care about the environment refer to folks who work for a living, it just sounds like rules only apply to ... little people.


Ditto John Kerry during the presidential election of 2004 when he said all of the gas-guzzlers in his driveway were not his, they were his family's.  Sure, people believe it, but only people who were going to vote for him no matter what.

Wrote James M. Taylor at
Shortly before the rain hit, Harry Reid rushed out to assure the protesters that they and he were on the same team. Unable or unwilling to traverse the 100 yards of relatively empty parking lot between the Thomas&Mack Center and the protest on the sidewalk along Swenson Street, a caravan of gas-guzzling SUVs pulled up to the Mack Center to whisk Reid and a few aides to the protest. (Somebody must have Bogarted all the Priuses from the McCarron Airport Hertz station before Reid’s jet arrived from Washington.)
It's a bad time to be hypocrites.  It's not like environmentally-conscious Democrats who don't like this (or can't rationalize it with the he-is-more-important-than-you-so-he-needs-SUVs thing) will suddenly vote Republican, it's that they might not vote at all, which will work in the Republicans' favor if their base is mobilized.

I hope that he has this all figured out by 2020.  That's when those mileage mandates he insisted that evil Big Auto didn't want to implement go into full effect - if they haven't, I am not sure what he can drive through a parking lot to his next even a football field away.