Doing a Top 10 List Of Science Bloggers is going to be subjective - so many people in science media write because so many in the audience prefer different styles and different content - that is why there are 700 TV stations also but blogging is cheap. Just know your stuff and write well and you'll get a million readers a month.

The editors at Real Clear have been in the science media game for 3 years, so they have a good understanding of who writes and what styles are, and compiled a list of their favorites.  They get pretty diverse too, because science media is still corporate-driven but there are at least a lot more of them than there were 6+ years ago when Science 2.0 went online for the public.

National Geographic is represented - three times, actually, since they now own Scienceblogs and have their own blogging group - with Carl Zimmer and Ethan Siegel and Ed Yong. Ars Technica makes the list, as does Mo Costandi at The Guardian (I follow him on Twitter, so I agree), Wired (twice), and Slate.

Oh, and Science 2.0 also - as the only non-corporate media group. I am in there, sandwiched comfortably between Ed Yong and Radiolab's Robert Krulwich, which is a pretty good place to be.

Thanks for recognizing independent science media, Real Clear!