Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and lots of other technology entrepreneurs share one thing in common, despite their generational differences; they discovered that their college education wasn't needed.

After getting sympathetic members of Congress to declare a college education a 'right' in the early 1990s, and getting unlimited student loans to help, universities are in the pole position culturally. College-educated people make more money, they note, and you won't get a good job without one.

Of course, that just means that once everyone can get a college degree, it is just a simple barrier to entry. It doesn't improve anyone's chances of getting a job, it just weeds out people really unqualified. 

Universities would rather that Mark Zuckerberg stay in school than go on to found the greatest social media company of all time - and they have a few ways they intend to bribe the best and brightest to stick around.

What universities are doing to keep the next Mark Zuckerberg from dropping out - Siraj Daroo, Quartz