It's the biggest news in fast food - Starbucks Frappuccinos have bugs.  On purpose.

The company has started using cochineal extract to supply its Frappuccinos’ strawberry color - hey, that beats using strawberries.  The extract is derived by exploiting developing nation insects, namely grinding up the dried bodies of cochineal bugs found primarily in Mexico and South America. They aren't the first to do so.  European colonialists began using cochineal dye as a coloring agent in the 15th century.

They say they do it to reduce the use of artificial colors - and bugs are natural, if you are convinced that is always the way to go - so customers must choose whether they want to contribute to insect globalization or allow unnatural ingredients in their frothy drinks. 

Don't worry, the FDA says cochineal bugs are completely safe. Just like genetically modified foods.  Some anti-science hippie groups have already taken a side; branded the strawberry drink non-vegan in retaliation for their bug genocide

Insects in Strawberry Frappuccinos? Starbucks Admits Bugs Behind Color - ABC News