To celebrate my 1st anniversary writing for this site, I thought it time to update my biography here.  You'd think I'd have one ready, but in fact I can't stop with just one.  Having too many facets is a hazard of being a rocket scientist with a life.  

My favorite is perhaps the most useless, my Facebook Profile:
Born in the heart of a dying star (as we were all), Sandy's consciousness swam through uncounted millenia until ultimately coming to rest in the 20th century on a tiny planet called... Earth.

I was a bit more professional over at 365DOA:
Sandy is a scientist and science writer.  He worked for 5 NASA missions as an astronomer, solar physicist, and computing expert, and has over 150 publications and talks on science, game design, and social media.  He's also launching a personal satellite to mix music and science, at, as proof that we're in a new era of space exploration.  He writes twice a week at

My original, slightly long-winded SB bio here ran as:
In "The Sky By Day", Dr. Alex Antunes serves twice-weekly slices of life from the sometimes strange, sometimes oddly normal workday of a NASA astrophysicist. Readers get the inside scoop on what it means to work in the sciences today, where astronomy is no longer night runs at the observatory. Alex has worked on X-ray, galactic, and solar astronomy for 5 NASA missions at 2 research labs, speaks at K-12 schools, and writes on games and education.

... but after one year, my life has changed and my blog has shaped itself.  So here's the new me, same as the old me, only me-er.  Any suggestion on edits?
"The Sky By Day" looks at the science and the people in today's 9-5 pro astronomy world.  Born in the heart of a dying star (as we were all), Alex draws from his research, writing, and game design work to bring you the joy of science twice a week-- and to launch the first personal science/music satellite via
Feedback welcomed-- tell me who I am!

Alex, the Daytime Astronomer

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