Given all the NASA funding, you think we'd get something from it!  Oh, wait, we do.  SpaceRef pointed me to the NASA SpinOff 2010 report.  What did we get for our $19 billion annual NASA budget?  I mean, that's a lot of money, that's... oh, wait, that's not a lot of money today.  My mistake.  True, you could buy 19 Stealth Bombers for that cost.  Or fight a typical war for 1 month.  But could you... save the airlines $2 billion in fuel costs with NASA wing mods?  Make a sensor that's in 1 in 3 cell phones?  Turns out we do get some bang for our buck.

I'm not going to get all zinc oxide on you, but I do think it's worth noting.  You can try the NASA flash app if you wish.  Basically, NASA's had a busy year.

Okay, here we go, the 2010 NASA Spinoff technologies.  And I'll make a deal with you.  I'll accept the argument that, if we didn't fund NASA, the private sector would have created all of this, if you in turn are able to tell me who in the private sector is willing and able to fund the pure research that produced these results.

Enjoy these NASA Xmas presents!

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NASA's 2010 short list of spinoff achievements:

  1. Burnishing Techniques Strengthen Hip Implants

  2. Signal Processing Methods Monitor Cranial Pressure

  3. Ultraviolet-Blocking Lenses Protect, Enhance Vision

  4. Hyperspectral Systems Increase Imaging Capabilities

  5. Programs Model the Future of Air Traffic Management

  6. Tail Rotor Airfoils Stabilize Helicopters, Reduce Noise

  7. Personal Aircraft Point to the Future of Transportation

  8. Ducted Fan Designs Lead to Potential New Vehicles

  9. Winglets Save Billions of Dollars in Fuel Costs

  10. Coatings Extend Life of Engines and Infrastructure

  11. Radiometers Optimize Local Weather Prediction

  12. Energy-Efficient Systems Eliminate Icing Danger for UAVs

  13. Rocket-Powered Parachutes Rescue Entire Planes

  14. Inflatable Antennas Support Emergency Communication

  15. Smart Sensors Assess Structural Health

  16. Hand-Held Devices Detect Explosives and Chemical Agents

  17. Terahertz Tools Advance Imaging for Security, Industry

  18. Aerogels Insulate Against Extreme Temperatures

  19. Image Sensors Enhance Camera Technologies

  20. Lightweight Material Patches Allow for Quick Repairs

  21. Nanomaterials Transform Hairstyling Tools

  22. Do-It-Yourself Additives Recharge Auto Air Conditioning

  23. Systems Analyze Water Quality in Real Time

  24. Compact Radiometers Expand Climate Knowledge

  25. Energy Servers Deliver Clean, Affordable Power

  26. Solutions Remediate Contaminated Groundwater

  27. Bacteria Provide Cleanup of Oil Spills, Wastewater

  28. Reflective Coatings Protect People and Animals

  29. Innovative Techniques Simplify Vibration Analysis

  30. Modeling Tools Predict Flow in Fluid Dynamics

  31. Verification Tools Secure Online Shopping, Banking

  32. Toolsets Maintain Health of Complex Systems

  33. Framework Resources Multiply Computing Power

  34. Tools Automate Spacecraft Testing, Operation

  35. GPS Software Packages Deliver Positioning Solutions

  36. Solid-State Recorders Enhance Scientific Data Collection

  37. Computer Models Simulate Fine Particle Dispersion

  38. Composite Sandwich Technologies Lighten Components

  39. Cameras Reveal Elements in the Short Wave Infrared

  40.  Deformable Mirrors Correct Optical Distortions

  41. Stitching Techniques Advance Optics Manufacturing

  42. Compact, Robust Chips Integrate Optical Functions

  43.  Fuel Cell Stations Automate Processes, Catalyst Testing

  44.  Onboard Systems Record Unique Videos of Space Missions

  45. Space Research Results Purify Semiconductor Materials

  46. Toolkits Control Motion of Complex Robotics