You might think your options for arthritis hip exercise are limited due to range of motion problems, as well as your pain. However, you might be surprised at just how many choices you have. Of course, you need to work with your doctor to find the best combination for your situation and you may need to start small and work your way into more complicated forms of exercise.

Here are some options for arthritis hip exercise. Mix and match until you find the right combination:

Aerobic, low impact exercise - Movement is something that helps with hip problems. When looking for the best arthritis hip exercise, you need to start with taking short, slow walks. That will get those muscles working. Another option for an aerobic low impact exercise is cycling. This Arthritis Hip Exercise will not put strain on the hips like running or jogging will.

Strength exercises
- In order to give your joints the support they need, you need to strengthen the bones and muscles surrounding the area. You need to add strength training to your arthritis hip exercise regimen. Doing simple weight exercises will start to give your bones the density they need to stand up. This arthritis hip exercise is easy to add to your routine with a few hand weights.

Water exercises - One of the best arthritis hip exercise routines are those done in water. Water offers natural buoyancy for body. Doing exercise in water helps to keep stress off the hips. When considering arthritis hip exercise, look for exercise classes held in water.

Flexibility exercises
- Yoga and Pilates are good things to add to your arthritis hip exercise. These gentle exercises will help to strengthen the muscles without putting a great deal of strain to the hip joints. This form of arthritis hip exercise is best started with professional teachers, but you can easily do the exercises on your own after learning them.

When looking for options to do arthritis hip exercise, you can choose one exercise or multiple ones. Some find they can do the same exercise repeatedly. Others need more variety in their workout options. No matter the way you want to exercise, you can find an arthritis hip exercise to fill your needs. You will find yourself feeling much better as a result. Your doctor should be helping you find the right combination to get back on your feet and moving again.