Many doctors agree that abnormally high level of cholesterol in the blood can lead to hypertension and/or heart problems (MNT, 2013).

Doctors often advise their patients to reduce the level of cholesterol in their blood through dieting, exercising, or even by taking cholesterol-reducing drugs such as statins;  but never will they advise one to masturbate.  Maybe, they are afraid that “masturbating”  is contrary to the patient's customs and/or moral/ beliefs, or perhaps it is because there are not enough studies to show that masturbation can reduce cholesterol level in the blood.

This article invites readers/researchers to investigate (study) for science sake, NOT to masturbate.

Cholesterol, along with other products of metabolism, is metabolized into hormones (Medical Biochemistry Page. Com, 2013) such as testosterone.  Through the sperm cycle, testosterone is important in the production of sperm, as it signals spermatogenesis (Walker, 2011).  The cycle goes on as the body needs to renew sperms. 

What happens when one ejaculate is that sperm level is reduced and thus can trigger the need for more testosterone to signal sperm production. The demand for testosterone then can trigger metabolism of cholesterol in the body. Thus, reducing the level of cholesterol.

Of course, the term “ejaculate” is more appropriate than “masturbate”, but would it not be more catchy to use a more intriguing term for a title? Or it may seem to be foolish to ever start a study on this matter, but if it’s for science, why not?



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