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Analogy Watch: Muon Collisions And The Machine That Will See Them

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Analogy Watch

Analogy Watch

Aug 24 2010 | comment(s)

Yesterday, JR Minkel tweeted this:
@jrminkel The most striking science analogy I've ever heard: http://bit.ly/auGvp4
The link leads to a brief excerpt from an NPR story in which Johns Hopkins neuroscientist David Linden says,
I've recently had two similar, yet very different, experiences in my day job as a science writer. A few months ago I was assigned to write a piece for symmetry Magazine (look for it in August!) about an artist in residence at Paul Alivisatos' nanotechnology research lab at the University of California, Berkeley.
A new report released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project suggests that news has evolved from a consumable product to a participatory experience. Technology has not only changed how, where and when people get their news, but now allows the consumer to tag, share, comment on and even create news.
...The Augmented Living Goods Program (AUG) submitted by a group of recent Savannah College of Art and Design graduates.

Their design entered today's competition in 8th place after online voting closed, and I have to admit, I originally dismissed this idea as probably too ambitious to ever catch on. But they wowed the judges, and hopefully the modest cash award (a few thousand dollars, I think) will help get the program on its feet.
This Thursday, the 2010 Greener Gadgets Conference, a daylong event featuring discussions about energy efficiency, sustainable design and product manufacturing, packaging and recycling, will culminate with a Greener Gadgets design competition.

Individuals and companies from all corners of the world submitted their ideas for sustainable products, from self-powered gadgets to those that minimize electricity consumption by another device.
Heads up, banner-plane pilots: you, like so many before you, could lose your job to a sleek, 21st century technology that not only performs better than you, but looks way cooler doing it.