I have been a CrackBerry user for several years, and am rarely seen without it in my hand or on my belt. Last week I traded my 8700 for the Bold (9000) -- wow, what a good move! The Bold is faster, sleeker, and has 3G capabilities for functions that I would not have tried on the older EDGE network. Anyhow, I have been having fun looking for additional apps for it, and have come up with a good list. Here they are...

An absolutely outstanding free app with local searches for people, businesses, restaurants, and movies, including the ability to watch trailers.

An easy program that allows you to create icons for specific websites, SMS contacts, or phone contacts.

A voice recognition program that lets you speak commands, dial contacts by voice, and compose messages by talking rather than typing. The recognition is pretty good. Available in a free and a pro version.

Google Mobile
A tool for accessing various Google programs (which can also be installed separately), including Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube, Search, and so on.

Local weather with current and 5-day forecast from the Weather Network.

THE Flashlight

Simple little app that activates the camera LED, letting you use the
BlackBerry as a flashlight (nice to set one of the side buttons for
this for use in the dark).  There are also free apps that turn on the
message LED and produce a white screen (such as BerryTorch), but these are far less bright.

BlackBerry App World
RIM's app store, with both free and purchase apps.

Combination RSS reader, news, weather, and other functions.

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