Moore’s Law, The Origin Of Life, And Dropping Turkeys Off A Building

I’ve already mentioned the nonsensical paper “published” in (surprise, surprise) arXiv in...

Genome Reduction In Bladderworts Vs. Leg Loss In Snakes

In one sense, I am happy that there is enough interest in the concept of “junk DNA” (and by...

Another Just-So Story, This Time About Fists

“It is demonstrable,” said he, “that things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for as...

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I am an evolutionary biologist specializing in genome size evolution at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Be sure to visit Evolver Zone

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Some of you already will know about the special issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach on the evolution of eyes that I edited last year (see below). There is now another excellent collection of papers on this subject in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, edited by eye experts Trevor D. Lamb, Detlev Arendt, and Shaun P. Collin.
One of Doug Futuyma's great quotes is this one:
" biologist today would think of publishing a paper on ‘new evidence for evolution’... it simply hasn’t been an issue in scientific circles for more than a century."
- Futuyma, 1998 Evolution Biology, 3rd edition
Press officers are a different story. Here's one from the University of California, Riverside:
Molecular decay of enamel-specific gene in toothless mammals supports theory of evolution
Some time ago, I posted about my search for a new reference management program for Windows that would be the rough equivalent of Papers for Mac (which is the rough equivalent of iTunes for PDFs).

I played around with Zotero, but I prefer something standalone rather than embedded within a browser. You may like it, though, so feel free to check it out.
Darwin Matrix

Darwin Matrix

Sep 11 2009 | comment(s)

I have updated the free Darwin Matrix wallpaper that is available at Evolver Zone. You can find it in different desktop sizes over at EZ.

I have been putting together a free resource about evolution which I am proud to say is now up at

For those of you who still are not reading Evolution: Education and Outreach, here's another reason to check it out.