An article entitled "Children unaffected by smoking ban consequences" points to a new study indicating that children's exposure to second hand smoke is unaffected by the smoking ban in Wales.
We found that the smoke-free legislation in Wales did not increase second-hand smoke exposure in homes of children aged 10-11.  Nevertheless, the home did remain the main source of children's exposure.
So one of the most telling aspects of the study is what it didn't mention.

The smoking ban didn't change anything regarding second hand smoke exposure.  This would strongly suggest that the effect of second hand smoke in public places is grossly overstated.  If a particular action results in no appreciable changes then we should conclude that they either have no effect or are not causally linked.

Unfortunately this looks like another instance of peddling an agenda than a bonafide scientific connection having been established.  I wonder if they'll be as quick in banning gasoline and cars with the results from this study1.

1"Heightened aggression may be yet another risk for the human population chronically exposed to urban air polluted by automobile smoke"