Well, it seems that someone has finally decided that with all this talk of "end-times" and the "rapture" it was important that we have a more scientific approach to determining how close we actually are to such events.

Hence we have the Rapture Index, which is billed as "The prophetic speedometer of end-time activity".  By going to this site, you can quickly see what the Rapture Index value is and determine whether to sit down with a cup of coffee and await the end, or whether you still need to go to work.

There is plenty of useful information provided that can help you assess the timelines of the "end-times" as well as a glossary to help you understand all the technical terminology (i.e. Amillennialism, Abomination of Desolation, etc.).

However, for those that already know they aren't going anywhere, there's the www.nonraptured.com site which can offer investment advice during the reign of the anti-Christ, as well as inheriting from raptured relatives.  As they say on the homepage, "Just because you're not with God that doesn't mean you can't live the good life."

If you're one of those that aren't really sure what's going to happen, you can always obtain Rapture Insurance which will ensure that you can have e-mail notices set out in the event you're raptured.  At $40/year it's cheap enough to provide notification services for the big event, and not so expensive that you'll feel ripped-off if you don't go.

Well, it seems that there's something for everyone, so no need to worry.  You're covered.