Using corn or soybean for getting ethanol or bio-diesel additive could be good option for some nations, developing cellulose resources could be another with genetic engineering, while Jatropha is in mission mode in developing world, there cannot be general consensus what should make renewable energy crop.

The opinions may vary and logics could be different. Different paths could lead to same destination replacement of fossil fuel with bio-fuel. This goes with the assumption or scientific fact (which ever way you want it ) that using bio-fuel will help in green house gas mitigation.

However the geographical location, climatic conditions, plant genotypes, biodiversity and the plants which late Professor Calvin introduced to the world may or may not be important based in present day studies.

Food vs. fuel may not be problem in countries of affluence and abundance but the luxury of utilizing a land with agricultural productivity for bio-fuel could generate a movement against biomass and biofuel.

Documentation of what plant energy sources are used by local people for burning and have a potential as bio-fuel crop at global level by inputs from local scientists could help identify potential candidates for biomass and bio-fuel . If you know some such plants post them here. Global problems need global solutions.