Climate change impacts on river basins in semi arid areas in India. In a joint initiative taken by Bioforsk Norway and IIT Delhi studies have been undertaken to study likely impacts of climate change on water resources. Climate variability affects water resources by way of floods, droughts and overall hydrological cycles at global and local level. Governor of Rajasthan HE Shri Shiv Raj Patil has indicated measures on regulating ground water use in his address to the Rajasthan Assembly . Rajasthan is suffering from total loss of ground water in 8 districts and reduced water table in another 10 districts. It’s a fragile ecosystem. Godavari Basin is located in the semi arid region and its important for the agricultural production in the country. Large scale irrigation projects have led to rapid changes in land and water use management in the basin . The basin is witnessing climate change patterns in terms of frequent droughts with direct impact on agriculture. With three quarter of the population based in villages and dependent on agriculture its causing human sufferings. Focusing on different hydrological models and improving water use efficiency through regulatory measures like water pricing and adaptation measures practiced by farmers like tillage, land use and irrigation, water conservation cropping practices and vegetation and biodiversity conservation and changing pattern of land use could provide upto 20 percent improvement of water use efficiency as mentioned in the national water mission.