Countries, rivers, civilizations and economy. If you board a ferry at Koblenz in Germany and sail in Rhine river the stretch between Koblenz to Rudeshime is world heritage as it is dotted on both the sides with rich forests and an array of castles. Bingen is on the other side and easily connected from Mainz . As there are only two railway bridges you have the choice to go to Bingen via Mainz or go to Rudesheim from Frankfurt. Koblez itself has Deutche Ecke ) German corner where the river Mosel meets the river Rheine the mighty river that crosses several international borders. There are no drains flowing in the river, no dams built on short stretches no loss of vegetation due to building of dams. Dams would last for 40 years but the vegetation which they destroy will be for ever. I am no engineer but a botanist so I feel for vegetation and not dams. So the river Rhine is mighty river and is also used for transportation besides tourism. Now coming back to civilizations if we don’t keep our river system green on the banks, make dams to check its flow down the stream without giving a thought how much water will flow in the river for how much time, and rivers are used as drains for the city waste the nature takes its toll in the form of floods or dried rivers. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were civilizations lost when water was lost. If rivers will go dry the civilizations will also go dry. The conditions of rivers in many developing countries of Asia are precarious. They are largely used as dumping ground for industrial waste, municipal waste or garbage. The banks of rivers need to be protected by planting trees as they only have the power to keep the soil of the banks from erosion. Unfortunately we remember the rivers only when they are flooded or dried. Its time to undertake river management system if we want to see civilizations standing for next 100 years if not 1000 years or unless we don’t want to become part of history books Love nature protect nature and you will live longer and happier. Feel it in a cruise along river Rhine.