FACT Project Kenya Title: Jatropha Curcas for local energy production Location: Gwassi Hills, Suba District, Kenya Duration: 3 years Partners: Stichting Het Groen Woudt (NL), Osienala friends of the lake (KE) The project aims to initiate and enhance production, processing, and utilization of Jatropha curcas in areas adjacent to Gwassi Hills forest. To a minor extent, also trees of the species Croton megalocarpus and Thevetia Peruviana that produce oil seeds will be planted and used. The seeds will be used to produce high quality vegetable oils, and the processing residues will be used to produce biogas. The processing units for Jatropha Oil will eventually be owned and managed by the Village and used for providing fuel and related energy to the communities at household level. Surplus will be sold to create income to the people of Gwassi Hills, Suba District. The project is part of the Suba Green Forest Initiative (SGFI). SGFI is an initiative that combines commercial forestry with the economic and social development of surrounding rural communities in Suba district near Lake Victoria and the Gwassi-Gembe Hills.