Happiness is defined in east and west in different manner. Amassing huge amount of wealth by rulers in east was considered to make them happy while saints of eastern philosophy derived their happiness in renunciation of world. One boy was sitting on a buffalo in South East Asian country and my German Professor was in a mood to talk to him. He talked to him through intermediate fellow. My Professor asked him why do you not go to school ? He asked what will happen if I go to school? You will get degrees? What will happen with degrees? You will get a good job? What will happen with good job? You will earn lot of money. What will happen with lot of money? Lot of money will make you happy. But I am already happy. He replied curtly. Can education money, position and society make a man happy ? Are people in richest country happy? However I don’t forget another sign on the table of a Bank Manager which read : “Money cannot make you happy but its absence can make you unhappy. If money cannot give you happiness what other options are open? What can make you happy? As a teacher a look at the face of satisfied students made me happy. Landing in foreign country to give a lecture could be another landmark but that is all temporary happiness. Man has lots of desires and if they are fulfilled he feels happy. But there is no dearth of desires and all cannot be fulfilled in this mortal world. Shifting life partners in developed world is common. Does this make them happy? Salary in millions of dollars per annum does provide amenities which other persons can’t afford but does it make them happy. I always remember the proud smile on the face of wife of a rickshaw puller in India. While passing on the street I saw a lady dusting the rickshaw profusely. Then came out her husband ready to go for work. After cleaning the rickshaw , she finally tested its brakes and gave a very proud smile to her husband ( in unspoken words perhaps her eyes were saying to her husband that I am very proud of your profession and hard work for family. He will hardly earn in a day one dollar or so rupees 50 that will hardly feed the family. Her testing of brake was indication that she loved her husband and wanted to see him alive in the evening. The satisfaction on the face of wife in this case is an act of great understanding. Normally one would expect the wife nagging him to go to school and University to earn a degree and go to earn big money. But in this case it was pure satisfaction that brought them happiness. Mutual appreciation in a family is a source of happiness and family working or living as mutual appreciation society will be happiest family. A father was scolding his son . You have got such a poor marks. In your age Mr ...... always stood first in school. The child was full of such suggestions so he replied curtly: Dad Mr ....... was Prime Minister of the country in your age. Set a goal for yourself or your family that is achievable. Expectations of life must resemble our physical, financial and mental resources. Learn to appreciate what has been achieved. This does not mean one should not make efforts but achieving success should be left to God. "We have right to perform our duty but its rewards should be left to God". That is what is written in Holy book Gita. Poor people also have ambitions to earn lot of money. Can lot of money , living in a big house, owning a fleet of cars, make one happy. The man is not able to live with his family, devote time to children, cannot enjoy family vacation together but he earns lot of money and leaves it to children to enjoy . Go to pubs, dance and enjoy. Can a smile of dad replace a dance in a pub? Can a dish of a 5 star deluxe hotel replace a dish cooked by mother from grand ma recipe book . Children need their father and mother not money in a sense that leaving them alone with ayah or caretaker and going to earn and earn leads them to life of melancholy and causes depression. Love to children, love in family and love of nature is the only source of happiness. Give it a try Love your family and get loved and feel the difference.