In today's world, with the advent of Science and Technology, we have unraveled a myriad of mysteries that were hidden from the human eye for centuries. Typically, a reductionist approach is taken by scientists to understand the processes as a whole. As a result of this approach, a target is identified for modulation to alleviate the disease. Modulation of this target may prove to be beneficial in many cases. Its High time that we look at curing diseases from a holistic standpoint. Presently, from the symptoms we try to treat to symptoms of the disease with drugs which is definitely effective but side effects cant be prevented. Ayurveda deals with a holistic way of healing diseases. This includes natural herbs and extracts, massage therapy, Yoga and diet. We need to take the best from East and west.A combination therapy with targeted drugs which will treat the acute symptoms along with an approach like Ayurveda should be implemented by all for our well being.

Sudarshan kriya yoga (SKY) and Pranayama (P) techniques have become extremely popular in curing human diseases of physical and mental origin.Scientific research on SKY and P has lead to discoveries where the following observations were made when individuals were regularly practicing this technique 

1.Increased Brain function

2.Reduced cortisol levels

3. Reduced Lactate levels

4.Increased Natural Killer cell population

5.Increased Levels of antioxidant enzymes like superoxidedismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione

6. Significant drops in total cholesterol and LDL (harmful) cholesterol, as well asincreases in HDL (beneficial) cholesterol 

7.Increased serum prolactin (a “well-being” hormone), and is as effective asstandard anti-depressant drug regimens

In summary, techniques like SKY and P needs to be accepted as a part ofthe treatment regimen across hospitals and implemented accordingly.