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Overview of Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreas is an organ situated between the stomach and the backbone. Pancreas...

Holistic approach to cure Ailments

In today's world, with the advent of Science and Technology, we have unraveled a myriad of mysteries...

X-ray structure helps us understand Chikungunya virus glycoproteins

Chikungunya virus has been terrorizing some parts of the world by causing disease in humans through ...

Can The Cancer Vaccine Sipuleucel-T Sip The Hell Out Of Cancers ?

Sipuleucel-T (Provenge) was the first therapeutic cancer vaccine to be approved by the FDA for...

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Hello, I am a PhD graduate from molecular genetics laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay. I am presently working for a Biotech company which is into small molecule and peptide... Read More »

I believe that anyone can dance.  

If anyone can walk, definitely they can dance. Body has a rhythm sense. Just observe that we walk in a particular rhythm which is involuntary. Nobody taught us to keep steps at equal intervals of time and distance. Still we manage to do that all the time.

In 1978, Louise Joy Brown was the first child to be Born through In vitro Fertilization (IVF). In 2010, Dr. Robert G. Edwards was awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine for his ground breaking work in the development of IVF.

The Problem: 10% of the couples worldwide have problems conceiving. 

The Ground work: Dr. Robert G. Edwards did extensive research on the Hormones that induce the maturation of oocytes and their ovulation.
This is a story of Drugs, its HisStory.

Drug discovery is a result of humans seeking a solution for life threatening diseases that existed in the 19th century. Drug Discovery started as an offset of chemistry and has now become an interdisciplinary science.

Navarathri is celebrated starting tomorrow all across India. There are nine forms of Mother Goddess. Navarathri literally means nine nights and each night one goddess is worshipped. Mother Goddess manifests itself in different forms as Durga, as Saraswathi and as Lakshmi. Each god is symbolic of a positive trait, for example Durga is depicted as an aggressive god who removes miseries from life ( In the story Misery is a Demon), Saraswathi is the goddess of Education and Lakshmi is Goddess of wealth. The rituals that accompany these days also reinforce the symbolism they depict. Books and education related materials are worshiped on the day Saraswathi is worshipped.

Cancer chemotherapy has been successful in delaying cancer progression but the flip side has been its side effects. Kinases have gained popularity as drug targets but achieving target specificity has been a major bottleneck in the development of anti-cancer drugs.  In fact the reason why most of the drugs are being shelved during clinical trials is because of their poor therapeutic index.  The potential benefits of alternative therapy in the treatment of cancer cannot be ruled out, though this field has not been extensively researched.

Physics, unlike biology, doesn't differentiate between a Human Being and a Rock.    After all, both are made up of atoms. Eastern Mystics of olden days also believed in the same as evident from their scriptures.