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Arturo Pérez-Arteaga M.D. was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1964. His Medical School and Post-Graduate in Ophthalmology were studied at Mexico at the National University of Mexico (Universidad

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Once upon a time, during my medical carrier, a beloved teacher – that passed away almost two decades ago - told me that if well to know is important, it is more importantto bring out that knowing during the adequate moment and at the adequate circumstances.

Today, during my ophthalmic consultation a diabetic patient with advanced diabetic retinopathy, told me that she did not realized when she started to be ill about the severe long term consequences of her disease; “Oh doctor, if I was able to know at that time, I would be much better at this time; but I didn’t know at that time.”

The word "adolescent" is defined as a young person; one who is at the stage between childhood and adulthood. The word means "lack" or "be short of", and it has been used by humanity since centuries ago for the young persons who are still short of maturity
All of us know that during this period of the life we are unable to think about the future consequences of our acting; therefore the need of the adult guide, someone who is able to understand the implications of the acts of the young.

The autotrophic cell is the one who is able to produce, by it self, its own energy and structural components. It corresponds, in the natural world to the vegetable cell. We call to this process photosynthesis and the wonderful -and truly amazing feature- of this natural phenomena, is that while the income needed for it is inorganic, the final product corresponds to the organic biochemistry world.

Our neurological structures are made mainly for survival; curiosity (a main tool for living) and its satisfaction are deeply inserted, by evolutionary genetics, into our central nervous system because of the need to find solutions to make sure survival. You can react in a rush moment like you never thought before, in order of the life maintenance, and until later think about the efficacy of your instinctive reaction. So our brain works to find solutions to the daily challenges of life, like most of the living species do so.